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Unlock wine tourism potential – expert

November 2014 /

South Africa has the wine quality, people, diversity and innovative offerings to be at the forefront of wine tourism, but cooperation is required to reach a common goal and to take the industry to the next level. So says Mariëtte du Toit-Helmbold, tourism specialist and CEO of Destinate, who has been contracted to facilitate the implementation of the Wine Industry Strategic Exercise (Wise) wine tourism project. EDO HEYNS reports.

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The clarification of white juice prior to alcoholic fermentation

November 2014 /

Seeing that the removal of skin particles, stem particles, flesh residue, seeds, dust, unwanted yeasts and bacteria, which originates from the vineyard, ensures that better colour, more flavour and a more delicate wine with a pure taste is obtained, white juice is usually clarified prior to alcoholic fermentation. The degree of juice clarity required, is for the winemaker to decide as excessive clarification can also lead to fermentation problems. Settling, flotation, centrifugation and filtration are the processes most frequently applied for the clarification of white juice prior to alcoholic fermentation.

Grow yourself rich

21 November 2014 /

Selling your wine and getting the best possible price for each bottle is not so much about cutting costs, but rather expanding horizons, focussing on making better wines and more profit.