image of cork

Funding fine wine

December 2014 /

Throughout the centuries, there have been several significant examples of how deep pockets were needed for sustainable premium wine production. It takes money to make money – and quality wine.

Image of vineyard leaves

Breaking out of grapevine leaves – practical considerations

December 2014 /

In many grapevines, in the irrigation areas especially, canopies tend to be excessively dense. This causes the inside leaves to be in the shade, which impacts negatively on grape analyses, fertility and diseases, amongst others. Breaking out of leaves, whether manual or mechanical, is rapidly becoming common practice in South Africa.

image of nederburg

Seriously sweet

01 December 2014 /

While sweeter wines are often misunderstood and considered inferior, the demand for seriously pleasant and elegant wines with higher sugar levels is estimated to grow – with American millennials particularly having a sweet tooth. The Nederburg Special Late Harvest 2013 is a good example of what this category can offer and was chosen as the December Which Wine Pick of the Bunch.